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I pleased to be able to offer 1 to 1 classes for most art and craft activities, or to help you in realizing a specific project. Workshops can be tailored for you, your friends and family or groups. They can be as full on or as relaxed as you'd like, with lots of hands on practical which can be combined with walks and talks.

Keep it focused or pick and mix activities as you please.


Workshop options

Spoon Carving -  Use shave horses and simple hand tools to carve spoons, spatulas and butterknives from local green wood.


Hedgerow Dyeing - natural plant dyes – Learn about plants and the colours they give. Dye yarn and fabric or give old things a new lease of life. Can be themed such as 'Orchard Dyes' or 'Shades of Yellow'. Suitable for shorter activities or  2 day sessions for a more in depth look.

Wooden Haberdashery - Make your own tools and finishing touches including wooden buttons, toggles, beads, pendant, crochet hooks, lucettes, braiding wheels.


Wild Haberdashery - Making willow artists charcoal, birch tar /glue


Fibrecraft - Making natural cordage from plants, hand spinning local sheep fleece, braid making and pin loom weaving.

292A1051 (3).jpg

 Photograph © Janice Issitt

I can travel to your group or I can arrange a venue suitable for your needs.

I'm delighted to be able to offer both Waveney Valley Barn or Bradfield Woods as Suffolk venues, both bursting with their own special charm; one a tucked away small holding in the Waveney valley, the other a nationally renowned nature reserve.

Venue hire will be included in the workshop quote you receive.

Workshops costs will depend upon your particular requirements but most commonplace are as listed below

 1:1 or small group spoon carving workshops including materials and light refreshments for up to 5 people

Half day £175 / full day £300



Hedgerow dyeing workshops for up to 12 people

Half day £200 / full day £300

plus materials and travel as required.

I can provide materials for dyeing from £12 pp or you are welcome to use your own.
N.b. there will still be a materials cost for sundries


First Spoon Carving workshop.jpg

Please get in touch directly to discuss your workshop requirements

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