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Welcome . . .
to the wonderful woody world of The Woodland Haberdasher
Art, craft and workshops for the curious


It's all change at The Green Cupboard in Harleston, Norfolk - new spoons, forks, spatulas and wooden haberdashery all now in stock. I'm carving away; lots of new woody things for sale and some special events later in the year.

All my up coming workshops and fairs are now online in the calendar, and tickets are available for everything up to September bar Spoonstock and The Makings of a Meadow for which I am nearly done finalizing details - online and bookable by the middle of March, promise!

I recently had an article published in the Bodger's Gazette (member magazine for The Association of Pole Lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers) which you are welcome to read here (pdf download). There are a few more to come over the year so I will make a page for them as and when so you can read them too.


Textiles East was so much fun. In fact, February so far has been lots of fun. Spoon carving and weaving workshops as well as the first Tree Explorers at Cambridge Makers. The garden is still full of wood but I am now beginning to tackle it, making things ready for summer fairs and a special September project (more and finalized details on this hopefully by the end of March, but honestly, its so cool. You're going to want to get involved!).

Keep in touch?

Occasional emails about new and upcoming events, workshops and fairs



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