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All my up coming workshops and fairs are now online in the calendar, and tickets are bookable for everything up to the end of November.

I'm particuarily looking forward to the new 3 day workshop 'The Makings of a Meadow' - a focus of hand harvesting and processing with slow and considered making, all on a private water meadow in Bury St Edmunds in early August. Details on the ticket web page.

I am also delighted to tell you about my upcoming exhibition at the Lavenham Guildhall in September, 'RAW - Tactile Viscera'

I will also be being an artist in residence for the first week and running a mix of free drop in workshops at the weekend and more specialist workshops during the mornings of the week. You'll also be able to come and see dyeing and wood working displays, and I will be working on something special to add into the exhibition.

There will be a Preview Evening on Friday 6th September so do put your glad rags on and come and be the first to see the exhibition, as well as the Guildhall after hours.

All workshop and exhibition opening times are available on the flyer below or on the National Trust website -->

with all that said, I had better get on with some making then!

Fay Jones Exhibition Poster Sept 24.jpg
Fay Jones Workshop Poster Sept 24.jpg

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