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I regularly give talks to W.I.'s and other groups across Norfolk and Suffolk. With over 5 years speaking experience you can be sure of an entertaining time!

Bookings are welcome for daytime or evening, any day of the week.

I provide my own laptop and projector as well as a table of display items for everyone to see
All talks are £70 plus travel and last approximately 45-55 minutes.

Please browse below for the subjects I offer

The Wonderful World of Stinging Nettles

Nettles are often underappreciated and much
maligned but their many uses and merits will surprise you - from their wide variety of associated invertebrate life and why dock leaves are useless, to their first recorded use in prehistory and into the modern-day kitchen. And what exactly does happen to nettle tea when you put lemon juice in it? I bring a display of interesting nettle related bits and pieces for everyone to look at afterwards.


Dyes on your Doorstep

Find out about the wide range of colours that can be achieved from leaves and bark of common plants and trees and how colours can be altered with a range of natural and chemical mordants. As well as explaining easy techniques to try at home the talk also includes a quick run through of fibres and silly experiments. A practical demonstration can be given and I will bring a display table of examples and projects.

Spoon Carving (and other woodland crafts)

Part demonstration/part slide show.


A short presentation to introduce you to woodland crafts, a brief history of woodland and what being a Haberdasher is all about; how all the parts of a tree can be used for something, what each different tree/wood is best for for and how to go about a it. 

I'll then make a spoon using hand tools infront of you and talk through the process.


Cool Conifers

Learning all about the fascinating world of conifers. Get your pines sorted from your spruces and your cedars from your firs. Helping you work through a basic taxonomy of conifers and their key identifying features and notable species. A relaxed talk, ideal for beginners, taking a fun look at this wonderful group of plants.

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