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Hope the start of autumn finds you well! 

This month I am (still) focussing on sanding all the lovely things I have previously made, especially the small sculpture work which I look forward to sharing soon. I am going to put it together in an exhibiton next year which is a good prompt to get on with it!


 Although I have disabled my webshop function at this current time to save some money everything is still for sale - there is a gallery instead - just e-mail or paypal your order over to More photos and measurements on albums on facebook (post with all albums pinned to the top of the page).


If you fancy trying something new you I can put together a home dyeing or braiding kit or send you a spoon that you sand yourself (very therapuetic!).


Facebook updated more often so head there for any news and photos, recipes and other ideas (keep an eye out for make your own laundry liquid).

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