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Talks, Workshops and Demonstrations


Please find below the array of services that I can offer. Activities can be tailored to your group, no matter what age or ability, how long or short the time you have available. Have an idea but don't see it below? Get in touch and let's talk about how to incorporate it into your ideal  session!


Workshops/Activity Sessions


 Dyeing with Plants - Activities available include looking at which plants are used for dyeing, making mordants for use at home, using a variety of leaves and bark to make dyes, tie dye, solar dyes and over dyeing. While the dye pots are doing their thing other craft elements such as braid making can also be shown.


Green Wood Work and Tree Crafts - Activities available include making cordage from bast, woven bark hearts, skeleton leaves, identification of trees, making wild food and drinks, lip balm.

Small groups -  carving spoons and spatulas. Braiding tools, beads, buttons and coat hooks making sessions can also be arranged or included with other activities.


Monographs can also be arranged on single tree species as well such as the birches, thorns or pines.


Stinging Nettles- Suited to a shorter session; activities relate to practical uses of nettles such as their uses in food and drink, dyes, making cordage and looking at insect life in a nettle patch.


Prices start from £25 per hour but are dependent on specific requirements and materials needed. Please bear in mind that some craft activites are seasonal, not all activities will be available all year round.





The Wonderful World of Stinging Nettles - Nettles are often underappreciated and much maligned but their many uses and merits will surprise you - from their wide variety of associated invertebrate life and why dock leaves are useless, to their first recorded use in prehistory and into the modern-day kitchen. And what exactly does happen to nettle tea when you put lemon juice in it?


Dyes on your Doorstep - Learn about the wide range of colours that can be achieved from leaves and bark of common plants and trees and how colours can be altered with a range of natural and chemical mordants. As well as explaining easy techniques to try at home the talk also includes a practical demonstration and a display table of examples and projects.


The Joy of Spoon Carving - See how green wood is fashioned into a spoon using hand tools. Learn which woods are used for and where they come from. I bring a display of tools and green woodwork items.


Available from autumn 2019 - new talk!


Cool Conifers - Learning all about the fascinating world of conifers. Get your pines sorted from your spruces and your cedars from your firs. A fun and relaxed talk, take a look at species from around the world and then focusing on the uses of our very own native Scots Pine.



Talks last approximately 45-55 minutes. I provide my own laptop and projector.

£50 per talk + travel  (dependent on location). I can also bring items for sale if you would like.


Fayres and Demonstrations


I am always looking for interesting events to attend either as a spoon carver or a dyer so if you think I might be right for your event please get in touch. All events considered no matter how big or small!



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