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 Friday 9th - Sunday 11th August 9.30am-5pm


A new and exciting 3 day workshop dedicated to slow making and the importance of hand processing natural materials. Suitable for crafters, makers and imagineers of all levels of experience.


With a focus of dyes and wild fibres this is a unique chance to explore part of the ancient water meadow system of Bury St Edmunds; 14 acres of wet woodland and meadow under private ownership and not open to the public.


The joy of processing materials from start to finish is an often unappreciated one, and rarely do people realize what goes into a few metres of yarn or cordage.  This workshop is planned so that you can settle into a gentle and unhurried pace, allowing you to soak in the atmosphere of the water meadows and find your own natural rhythm.


There are a variety of activities and processes that you can take part in but if you find your groove and want to keep doing something in particular then it’s totally fine to let your focus and attention stay there; spending as much time as you’d like. Experimentation is positively encouraged, inspired tangents welcome!


On day 1 we’ll walk round the meadow, exploring the boundaries and abundance plants that make the meadows their home; discussing their properties and what we can make with them.

We’ll be able to harvest and process some specialist dye plants such as marsh bedstraw, gypsywort and reed as well as use planted dyestuffs like woad and indigo to make complimentary and luxurious blue tones.


The focus of day 2 will be looking at fibre – gathering, processing and plying up nettle, willow and sedge and whatever else we can find. We will experiment with dyeing and modifying these and other fibres as well as creative play with the left over stems for making charcoal and adding into weaves as potential paper and paint making.


On Day 3 we’ll work together to make a collective piece to leave on the water meadow as well as our own individual work to take home.  Taking direction from you we can use the fibres, twines and yarns we’ve made to weave into small vessels or woven mats and objects. using a variety of techniques from looping and coiling to tablet and fixed frame weaving.


Other locally sourced materials such as elm and lime bast, as well as rare breed sheep fleece will also be available.


The entrance to the water meadows is on the Cullum Road (A1302) near to the entrance to Green King. There is no on-site parking and you will need to make your way to the meadows on foot.  Likewise, there are limited facilities due to the nature of the site. There will be a camping toilet tent and hand washing available but there is no running water.


Refreshments and all materials are included but please bring a packed lunch each day.


Please be aware there is a risk of bites from insects, as well as stings from plants like nettles so dress appropriately. In places the ground underneath is uneven and some areas will still be wet and muddy even in the summer so please bear this in mind.


Any questions? Please get in touch with Fay at or call 07854 272 535.


The Makings of a Meadow - Friday 9th - Sunday 11th August

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