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Beautiful and springy Manx-Loaghtan roving and batts.


Three Manx boys (Douglas, Ramsey and Finbar), wethers originally from Wimpole Farm (NT) who now live at Nowton Park in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. They help with looking after the wildflower meadows at the park and produce beautiful fleece that is a delight to spin. Takes strong natural dyes well, like weld, woad and madder.


This is a blend of the 2021 and 2022 clip, lovingly washed, carded and prepared into roving by Shire Mill. Ideal for spinning, makes a great knitting or weaving yarn. Soft with good drape qualities.


Batts are a minimum of 100g (usually 110-125g range). Roving is thin and ideal for spinning.


By purchasing this roving you are supporting UK native rare breeds, a small producer and a small family run mill, thank you :)


Batts are a minimum of 100g (usually in the range 110-125g). The roving at at thinner size ideal for hand spinning.


Manx Loaghtan Batts and Roving

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