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Little oberservations of the land whilst out and about exploring, all from East Anglia (except the one from Northumberland, guess which one that is!).


First edition of 10, pictures 10"x7.5", overall print size 9.5"x12"


'Trundle' - Ladybird on Gorse, Wortham Ling, Suffolk
'Oak Folk' - 4 Spot Orb Weaver and Snail, Wakelyns Farm, Suffolk
'Divine Efflorescence' - Cosmos, Garden, Suffolk
'Lucky' - Stinging Nettle, Hedgerow Suffolk
'Gallant Gallivant' - Torwen Sheep Investigating Yurt, Heron Meadow, Norfolk
'Hidden Blush' - Stinking Iris,  Garden, Norfolk
'Shanty' - Ladybirds on Wire Wangford Warren, Suffolk
'Forever Moor' - Gate and Lichen, Upper Coquetdale, Northumberland
'All that Remains' - Feather on Stone, Landguard Point, Suffolk
'Wedding Rings' - Sea Shells on Sea Defences, Felixstowe Beach, Suffolk
'Tower of Tide' - Pillar and Stones, Lowestoft, Suffolk
'King Picus' - Oak Wood, Hockwold Green Lane, Norfolk
'Heartlands' - Puddle on Sand, Harling Drove Way, Norfolk

Limited Edition Photographic Prints

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