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The Woodland Haberdasher


Charcoal producution is temporarily on hold while we get a few i's dotted and t's crossed. I have bags of 1.5kg lumpwood charcoal available and there are still some bags of finings available direct from Bradfield Woods. Artists charcoal and charcloth as normal through the webshop.



2018 has been an exciting year so far, and recently it got even more exciting with the addition of a charcoal kiln!


This is a new venture with Suffolk Wildlife Trust at Bradfield Woods. To add to the already wonderful selection of coppice products that they do (pea sticks, fire wood, hazel for hurdles etc.) we will be using up the previous year's wood and making small batches of charcoal.



Charcoal is made from 100% native hardwood species - typically birch, alder and hazel but other species as well. Hardwood charcoal has a high carbon content and is easy to light (you can light this stuff with a lighter!). It has no additives and has come from a sustainable source.


All the timber used in the production of this charcoal is a by product of essential conservation work to preserve the ancient woodlands of Bradfield Woods.



First two burns of the year completed!


I will have some bags with me at the fayres and festivals but otherwise you can contact Bradfield Woods directly - 01449 737 996



1.5kg bag of charcoal - £5


4kg bag of charcoal finings - £6

5kg bag of charcoal finings - £7.50

(small size charcoal (under 2.5cm diam). Can be used as bbq charcoal or for soil improving and keeping slugs away from things!)


Willow artists charcoal - box of 15 sticks £7

(available online from The Haberdashery here)


Charcloth for firelighting - here

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