I am based just outside of Harleston in south Norfolk but am to be found out and about around Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.  Please see the Events page for the most up to date list.



There is nothing quite like exploring the world through the wonderful variety of materials it provides.


Making your own everyday things is important. Joy in connection to past and future through materials, objects and processes.


Making use of odds and ends, giving life to usually considered waste products, making beautiful and functional things for everyday use. Enriching life with handmade.


Embracing the wibbly wobbly and using hand tools as much a possible.


I tend to have particular focus on dyeing, green wood and fibre making with some photography when I need a change but I float around a lot; it is important to use the most suitable medium for the work, not just what you are comfortable with. I can feel a couple of painting ideas working their way up but who knows what else might happen?





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