The Woodland Haberdasher
The Woodland Haberdasher


I am currently based just outside of Bury St Edmunds  but often work around Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. I'm also not adverse to getting out and about in the wider countryside either!



From a beginning in conservation I have a great love of all things wild and wonderful that grow in this green and pleasant land. I spend much of my time making, experimenting, reading, walking about and occasionally setting fire to things in the wilds of rural Suffolk.


  I once spent a week in 1578 (re-creating the Tudor period, alas no time travel!) which opened my eyes to the endless colours on offer from our very own native plants, and it is a subject that I still find fascinating, am continually studying and experimenting with today.

A chance introduction to spoon carving (thanks Mark!) has provided another life long joy, continuing the wonderful process of harvesting wild, raw materials and making them into beautiful yet functional objects that are loved and used everyday. I enjoy enthusing people, sharing and teaching what I know with anyone who wants to know and for the last 5 years I have been working in collaboration with Suffolk Wildlife Trust, as well as running talks and workshops for W.I, craft, Guiding and other local interest groups.  


I like getting out and about at shows and fayres so if you see me at one come and say hello, I'm not as scary as I look and I love to talk about all things trees, spoons and nettles.



My very first spoon on the left (sycamore) and my favourite eating spoon on the right(walnut).

You definitely get better the more you practice!

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